Top 50 UK Twitter Lists

Mobile Marketing A list of people or businesses who are interested or involved in the Mobile Marketing industry.

Email Marketing Champs

People I’ve actually met People I’ve met in person over my years on Twitter.

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Top UK Influencers by@NickcCollins
UK People who have and Influencers on Twitter

Newcastle Influencers by @NickcCollins
People and Business in living and working in Newcastle

North East Influencers by@NickcCollins
People and companies in North East of England who give Influencers

Scottish Influencers by @NickcCollins
People and companies in Scotland that offer Influencers

UKMPs All UK MPs on Twitter

Premier League Players An extensive list of Premier League footballers on Twitter.

Royal correspondents UK and international journalists reporting on the UK Royal Family

A pot of Scottish culture